Peri-Peri at your fingertips!

We have launched a flavour-filled WhatsApp ordering system for your convenience when you are starved for time or just HUNGRY!

To use WhatsApp Ordering follow the simple steps below:

  1. Choose your favourite Senhor Peri Peri store and simply say “ Ola ”
  2. Pick your favourites of the menu
  3. Confirm your order
  4. The store will confirm the delivery time
  5. Pay when the driver arrives
  6. Get ready to savour the Flavour!

Orders will only be processed for delivery from 11h30 with last orders at 18h30 daily

WhatsApp Ordering Details

Bassonia073 667 6465

Hazeldean082 320 2632

Melrose067 940 0355

Virtual Kitchens

Tableview (Western Cape)060 748 6867

Bedfordview060 533 4286

Boksburg060 764 9147