We could tell you that we travelled all over the world, tasted the finest ingredients and then mastered our own sauces, but that would not be true, not all of it anyway…
Our story started in a kitchen in Portugal and grew to be one that’s well fabled. It began when a young lad was born, to a devoted Maria, in Braganca, in the North of Portugal.
Maria, who would come to have a healthy family of 5 sons, knew that this one was different. Her blue eyed boy, spent many days in the kitchen with her, learning how to cook and often experimenting with his own flavours and food.

The Real Senhor

This fine Portuguese Senhor, would later be known far and wide in Portugal as Jorge, but formost of his life, he would find himself living in the South of Johannesburg.
Senhor Jorge was a really rare find…his ideas fresh and unconventional. As a teen he made his first table Peri Peri sauce from the famous Bird’s Eye Chilli. Unbeknown to him then, this would be the start of one of his greatest achievements.
The Peri Peri sauce became a highly sought after product and Senhor Jorge could not make enough. Through his love for Portuguese food and family, he decided to start making his own range of Peri Peri sauces.
Each sauce was handmade, sugar free and true to his Portuguese heritage. Some would go as far as saying, that his sauces embodied him as they were unique in flavour and distinct in taste. It took a few years, but finally he developed a range of sauces that he knew, was the best!
When asked about his sauces, Senhor Jorge is quick to say,

“Peri Peri is the answer, don’t worry about the question.”